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Social Media For Business - Is Your Business Social Enough?

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Social Media Business Training Course

The course is full day, starting at 9.00am until 5.30pm. The cost is inclusive of all course materials, refreshments and snacks, and certificate. Course date/venue subject to change if warranted by circumstances. Call +65 6334 4574 for information.

Since the inception of the web there have been huge changes in how media is consumed and produced. At the forefront of this media evolution is social media marketing - a participatory phenomenon that is no longer being used by the few but by the many, and should be considered an integral part of any businesses' online marketing strategy. 

By coveringthe complete landscape of social media and the opportunities it presents, participants take away a wealth of knowledge to implement.


This social media marketing training course will give you an understanding of the shifts in media that have been occurring; highlight the depth and breadth of social media, and how your business or brand can benefit by putting together a strategy for integrating it into areas such as marketing, product development and customer services. Register above on any of the available dates.

Course Programme

  • Social Media Overview
  • Current marketplace
  • Trends and latest developments
  • Basic principles behind using Social Media
  • Principles of Social Media
  • Reciprocity and Sharing of information
  • Conversations through Social Media
  • Cultivating relationships through Social Media
  • Delivering trust
  • Importance of honesty and integrity
  • Types of Social Media
  • Communication forums
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Reviews, comments and opinions across all sectors
  • Entertainment
  • Audiences for Social Media
  • Demographics and statistics
  • Driving factors
  • Why Social Media Matters
  • Understanding how it affects brands and businesses
  • Understanding the network economy
  • Case studies - good and bad examples
  • Monitoring your brand's presence
  • Basic analysis techniques and tools
  • Interpreting the results
  • Benchmarking practices
  • Ethics - the laws behind Social Media
  • Best practices
  • Creating a Social Media strategy for your brand

Contact us for in-house training enquiries. 

Course Benefits

Following this social media training course, you will understand:  

  • The depth and breadth of social media marketing and its drivers

  • What makes a media social and how it differs from the broadcast media model

  • The importance of trust, honesty and transparency

  • Social media demographics and how it relates to brand engagement

  • How other businesses, organisations and brands are using social media

  • How it can go wrong and how to react to problems when they arise

  • Best practices, ethics and legislation relating to social media

  • Basic techniques and tools for benchmarking your social media presence

How to Register

  • Online: The easiest, quickest and most convenient method to register for the above course is online, by clicking on the appropriate link in the above table.

  • E-mail: Send us an email at including your name, contact number and title, of course, you wish to register for. We will then contact you with further details and can confirm your place at the course.

  • email address and title, of course, you wish to register for. We will then contact you with further details and can confirm your place at the course.

  • and discuss your interest with one of our consultants.

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